Complex Marketing & Brand Services

Performance Marketing focuses on achieving high results. It is driven by most effective advertising channels and platforms, strategically chosen in order to generate maximum Return On Ad Spend


Budget Managed by Media Buyers

Constant Optimisation

Focus on Growth


Omnipresence s a holistic strategy based on multichannel communication with potential customers. Instead of using multiple platforms individually, it creates a network of cooperating channels around the potential customer, combined with Performance Marketing, this makes your brand be in front of everyone that is interested in your niche.

Build Brand Recognition

Be the First-To-Mind Brand

Increase Customer Awareness

Become the Market Authority


Boutique Agency differs from big companies in time of reaction and quality of services, we focus on fast paced, effect driven services with high returns. Our team is build by exceptional, field-specialised and task-focused professionals. 

Effect Driven

Premium Quality

Fast Paced


Pay Per Click

Re Targeting

Native Ads

Our Team of Media Buyers is specialised in running ads on three main networks



Native Programmatic

We also offer

Influencer Marketing

Social Media Management 

Content Creation and Management

Custom Sales Channels

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